10 Shots in Racquetball

Just how many shots are you able to effectively execute in racquetball? Have you ever counted them?? If you can hit a shot with proficiency from both the forehand and backhand positions, that counts as "two" shots. Why? Not everyone has a proficient backhand for everything--so if you do, you can count that as an extra shot in your arsenal. Here is a picture of 10 shots in racquetball. (There are more--but this was all that were illustrated in this particular picture.)

I suggest that you use the "into the back wall" shot as one of last resort--if you have no other shot you can execute. Use it very sparingly, as it often ends up as a set up for your opponent.

No one in our NBB group much uses the around-the-wall (sometimes called around-the-world) shot. Personally, I would use it sparingly, too. I think it's more effective against lower level players--since advanced players can either take it on the shot-hop for a kill, or patiently wait for it to come off the back wall for a set up kill shot.

One of my favorites, is the high-Z shot that is illustrated in the lower right corner of this picture. I love to hit it from either the right or left side of the court. It is a defensive return, that often leads to an offensive opportunity after your opponent has hit a weak return. At times the ball hugs the back wall so well that you end up with an outright winner. This is an outstanding shot to hit when you are in front court and the ball comes at you a bit high. Instead of forcing a kill shot (which is likely to skip or rebound high for an easy return by your opponent), hit the high-Z. This forces them back on their heels--and gives you an opporunity to reposition back to center court as you await their weak return. Touche'

Larry Peterson